Discover the Archetypes Shaping Your Life
The stories of humanity fill the well

About Storywell®

We want you to be excited about your life. To this aim, our mission is to provide a system of self-knowledge that brings depth, meaning, and a bit of drama to your life. Not like the drama at the office or with your family at the holidays, but the mythic, universal drama you are living.

The Storywell® experience invokes the image of a mysterious deep well where the universal stories and dramas of human lives dwell. The source that feeds this well is like an underground stream. Storywell is a portal to the archetypal realm where your Hero's Journey waits for you.

Storywell is also the home of the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator® assessment and the 12 archetypal characters it measures. Every archetype is the primary imprint of a timeless drama: the Warrior's battle for the good, a Magician's struggle to reveal hidden powers, an Idealist's aspiration to make the world kinder and brighter.

The Storywell work is backed by the research department of the Center for Applications of Psychological Type. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to "story well" and discover the archetypes shaping your life. Mapping these archetypes provides a way to apply them in our everyday lives, with friends, colleagues, co-workers, and family, or in business with branding and marketing.

What are the archetypes shaping your life story? You'll find a path to discovery here at Storywell.