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What Is Storywell?

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The stories of humanity fill the well About Storywell®
Storywell® as a concept and image brings together the archetypes of Story and Well. It is meant to invoke the experience of a myserious deep well where universal stories and dramas of human lives dwell. The source that feeds this well is like an underground stream. Jung called this source the collective unconscious, from which archetypal (that is universal) stories arise.


Enacting the hero's journey as story When Is a Story Archetypal?
by Kesstan Blandin, PhD

We know the facts—that we are currently one of 8 billion people on the planet, that in the greater scheme of humanity and the cosmos we will live and die anonymously - but this is not how you and I live. You are striving, battling, and loving through an epic drama. Each time you triumph, each time you fail, you gain the wisdom of living for the first time, as every hero has done through time. Every one of us senses our mysterious potential, often ambiguous and vague, yet emotionally compelling in its lure towards who we can be. We sense as well that the hard facts of life do not provide access to this level of potential, but where to turn for guidance?


Entering into your story Entering the Realm of Storywell
Mar 04, 2020 by Carol S. Pearson, PhD, DMin

Jung used different terms for the realm of consciousness where archetypes live - he called it the collective unconscious or the psyche and sometimes the archetypal psyche. The archetypal psyche describes a realm of imagination, where life is enchanted; it is the realm of fairy tales, myths, and "somewhere over the rainbow." In the Arthurian legend of the Holy Grail, this realm was the enchanted Camelot, where magic and mystery were fully alive in wizards, spells, and the mists of Avalon. Many years ago now, I myself had a magical and spontaneous experience of the archetypal psyche.