Discover the Archetypes Shaping Your Life

Understanding the Archetype Profile

In Your Pearson-Marr Report

Your PMAIĀ® report presents an Archetype Profile graph that displays all 12 archetypes with descriptions and light-colored bars that extend from the left to the right margin. What do the bars mean? The archetypes are ranked in the Profile graph according to their strength of presence or activity in your life, as indicated by your responses to the PMAI assessment (see the sample profile below).

The longer the bar, the stronger the influence of that archetypal pattern. The most important elements in your Profile are the rank position and the category the archetype is placed in. For example, the Creator ranked in the second position is in the high scoring category and is a significant ally in your life story. The magnitude of influence of a high scoring Creator is quite different than a Creator that ranks in the sixth position in the mid-range category.

When a mid-range Creator is in the wings, it is likely overshadowed by the power of your high scoring archetypes but represents potential strength in your development. Where the high scoring archetypes express themselves easily through you, mid-range archetypes require a more conscious and intentional relationship. You have to earn their gifts, but they are ready and willing to work with you.

What does it mean when an archetype ranks in the lower scoring category? Continuing with the Creator archetype, a low score indicates an aspect of you that is not as easily accessed or recognized. Thus, you may readily recognize the qualities of this archetype in others, and you may have a nuanced relationship to it: at times experiencing envy at its presence in others, at other times being confused or misunderstanding its expression.

You may rely on people in your life who embody the Creator as a high ranked archetype to provide those attitudes and talents when you need them. And sometimes, you may be blind to how the lack of the Creator shows up for you and how cultivating the Creator can reveal secrets about and to you.

When interacting with your Archetype Profile graph, reflect on the rank position and the category each archetype is in. This will produce the most fruitful revelations for you.