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PMAI® Archetype Descriptions

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Idealist - Innocent, Optimist, Dreamer
Realist - Regular Guy/Gal, Everyperson, Orphan
Caregiver - Nurturer, Humanitarian, Martyr
Warrior - Soldier, Advocate, Competitor
Seeker - Explorer, Wanderer, Pioneer
Lover - Peacemaker, Companion, Romantic
Revolutionary - Rebel, Game-changer, Destroyer
Creator - Artist, Inventor, Innovator
Ruler - King/Queen, Boss, Autocrat
Magician - Alchemist, Visionary, Healer
Sage - Investigator, Teacher, Expert
Jester - Entertainer, Trickster, Court Fool
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Archetypes are the universal themes and characters that we and others adopt as we live our life stories. Though each of us lives a unique story, many if not most of the situations we humans find ourselves in have common themes. The characters we play in those situations are drawn from a shared human repertoire: father, mother, child, lover, creator, warrior, caregiver, and an untold number of others.

The PMAI archetype system presents 12 archetypal characters that you can find in human societies across the globe and throughout history. The PMAI system helps you discover the archetypes active in your life, and those whose potential may still be untapped.

Use the slider above to select and reveal a short description of each of the 12 archetypes. When you take the PMAI assessment your results include longer and more detailed descriptions of your archetypes.