Discover the Archetypes Shaping Your Life


Carol S. Pearson, PhD, DMin

Carol S. Pearson, PhD, DMin Dr. Carol S. Pearson, coauthor of the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator® instrument, is an internationally recognized scholar and well-known author of numerous books, among them the bestselling The Hero Within, as well as Awakening the Heroes Within, The Hero and the Outlaw, and Magic At Work. Awakening the Heroes Within provided the foundational theory set from which the PMAI® assessment initially was developed, augmented by analyses of data from fifteen years of PMAI results.

Hugh Marr, PhD, LPC

Hugh Marr, PhD, LPC Dr. Hugh Marr is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Alexandria, VA. Prior to that, he worked in all phases of community mental health, culminating in running a partial hospital program for clients with the co-occurring disorders of substance use and major mental illness. Dr. Marr co-authored the books What Story Are You Living and Introduction to Archetypes with Dr. Carol Pearson and developed the PMAI® (Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator®) assessment with her.

Kesstan Blandin, PhD

Kesstan Blandin, PhD Kesstan Blandin, PhD is the Vice President of Research and Development at Myers & Briggs Foundation in Gainesville, FL. Previous to this, Dr. Blandin was a research psychologist specializing in dementia at the Dartmouth Centers for Health & Aging at Dartmouth College.

Yvonne Nelson-Reid, PhD

Yvonne Nelson-Reid, PhD Yvonne Nelson-Reid, Ph.D. is the Senior Development Associate at Myers & Briggs Foundation (M&BF), the publisher for the People Stripes® website, a mother of 5, writer, teacher (BEd, MA), depth psychologist – Jungian and archetypal studies (MA, PhD), and career coach. Parenting, teaching in a classroom, or on the ice as a figure skating coach has taught her a great deal about relationships and the importance of communication.

Patricia R. Adson, PhD

Patricia R. Adson, PhD Patricia R. Adson, PhD, for her entire professional career, has been devoted to helping others discover their best selves. A former schoolteacher, Dr. Adson initially taught high school English, and social studies. While pursuing her Master's Degree in education, she began working with children with emotional and behavioral disorders. Dr. Adson is a Certified Hudson Institute Coach with a private practice and serves on the Leadership Team of the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara.

Katherine Culpepper, MFT

Katherine Culpepper, MFT Katherine Culpepper received her B.S. Ed. from the University of Memphis in 1987 and her M.S.W. in Marriage and Family Counseling from The Catholic University of America in 1990.

Merle Singer

Merle Singer Merle Singer has 25 years of senior leadership roles in the technology sector across multiple disciplines that she brings to her business. Her experience spans corporate marketing, leadership development, culture and reputation, corporate social responsibility, and global environmental sustainability. She holds a BA Honours and Masters in Psychology as well as being a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Merle is accredited in several assessments, including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®, Hogan Assessment Inventories, and Barrett's Cultural Transformation Tools.

Margaret Mark

Margaret Mark Margaret Mark leads Archai, First Principles in Branding, a unique consulting firm specializing in building, nurturing and protecting iconic brands through the power of Archetypes. Formerly an Executive Vice President at a global advertising firm, Margaret has applied her approach to clients ranging from American Express to Anheuser-Busch Inbev to Jet Blue and the March of Dimes.

Mona AlQadi, PhD

Mona AlQadi, PhD Mona Al-Qadi holds a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics with a research focus in cognitive science from Arizona State University. She also completed a master's degree in Organizational Leadership. In her research, she combined her interests in Psychology and Leadership. Dr. Mona's interdisciplinary research has integrated the role of the subconscious mind in transforming college students into leaders.

Logan Abbitt

Logan Abbitt Logan Abbitt, MLIS, is the research librarian at Center for Applications of Psychological Type (CAPT). He received his Masters in Library and Information Science from USF in Tampa, Florida.

David J. Hulings

David J. Hulings David Hulings is a professional speaker, writer, and executive leadership coach. He began his leadership training as a sergeant in the U.S. Army as an instructor in the Lance Missile System, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. For over three decades, David has coached school administrators, corporate C-suite leadership, college presidents, and non-profit leaders.