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Explorer, Wanderer, Pioneer Seeker
The Seeker archetype compels a search to find yourself. Your eyes are cast to the future, and you are quick to adopt the new and grow tired of the tried and commonplace. You enjoy adventures, new experiences, and personal growth opportunities and see all of life as a journey of exploration.


Living the Heroic Life Journey: Part 2
by Carol S. Pearson, PhD, DMin and Hugh Marr, PhD, LPC

The meaning of "soul" used in depth psychology does not necessarily imply the religious meaning of what is eternal about you; rather, it is about discovering the deeper, more essential "you" that exists now. While many people have trouble understanding what soul is, most of us know what it means to look in the mirror and think something like, "if I do this one more day, or if I agree to this, or if I allow this, I will lose my soul."


Girl playing World of Warcraft online, immersed in her epic, mythical archetypal story. What Story Are You Playing?
Apr 18, 2023 by Logan Abbitt

What archetypal story are you playing? Online high fantasy games, such as World of Warcraft (WoW), can be a way to play out your archetypal stories. In this month's article, Logan Abbitt, a longtime WoW player, gives us insight into how the PMAIĀ® archetypes can crossover into the character roles in games like WoW.