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David J. Hulings

David Hulings is a professional speaker, writer, and executive leadership coach. He began his leadership training as a sergeant in the U.S. Army as an instructor in the Lance Missile System, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. For over three decades, David has coached school administrators, corporate C-suite leadership, college presidents, and non-profit leaders. Conducting hundreds of one-to-one leadership coaching sessions over the years, David shares his wisdom on leadership and archetypes in his books TRUST! Using Archetypal Language to Repair Broken Trust (2023), Gap Analysis: Using Archetypal Imprints to Bridge Staff Mindset Gaps (2023, co-authored with Dr. Lori Tubbergen Clark), The Archetypes and the Drama of Change (2018), and Just Middle Manager, Next Great Leader: Expanding the Range of Your Leadership Style (2017).

Articles By David J. Hulings

Broken trust can be altered with an understanding of archetypal imprints and intentional language to transform trust with others. PMAI Archetypes and Trust
Jan 18, 2024 by David J. Hulings

We begin the new year with an article by author and speaker David J. Hulings on how to understand and identify the trust styles of each archetype. Hulings, in his newest book TRUST!, introduces a unique trust language to build trust and transform our mindset towards trust. Understanding archetypal imprints can equip us with the ability to establish trust with others.