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Katherine Culpepper, MFT

Katherine Culpepper received her B.S. Ed. from the University of Memphis in 1987 and her M.S.W. in Marriage and Family Counseling from The Catholic University of America in 1990. She has worked as a school counselor with a wide range of students in the Providence School Department since 1995, including students in the Autism Transition Academy since 2014. Her interest in art therapy and archetypal analysis was developed further at the Assisi Institute. She and her husband, Gary, have two daughters, Marie and Anne.

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child's drawing with three trees, sun, and house with a cat on the roof Archetypes, Projective Drawing, and Autistic Teenagers
Aug 19, 2021 by Katherine Culpepper, MFT

Katherine Culpepper works with autistic teenagers seeking vocational training after high school using Projective House-Tree-Person (HTP) Drawings in combination with the PMAIĀ® assessment and archetype system. By combining a narrative approach to the interpretation of the work of art with the PMAI archetypes, students relate readily to the method and enjoy gaining insight into themselves.