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Margaret Mark

Margaret Mark leads Archai, First Principles in Branding, a unique consulting firm specializing in building, nurturing and protecting iconic brands through the power of Archetypes. Formerly an Executive Vice President at a global advertising firm, Margaret has applied her approach to clients ranging from American Express to Anheuser-Busch Inbev to Jet Blue and the March of Dimes.

Articles By Margaret Mark

The hero archetype, Saint George, slays the outlaw dragon Archetypes, Brands, and the Quest for Meaning
by Margaret Mark

In Margaret Mark's career in advertising, she was often dumbfounded by the extent to which brands took on meaning for people - often across cultures and over decades. Apple, Coke, Disney, Nike. What made these entities so powerful, with the capacity to transcend time and place?

In this article Mark describes her quest for insight and how it eventually led her to archetypes and Carol Pearson's work.