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Mona AlQadi, PhD

Mona Al-Qadi holds a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics with a research focus in cognitive science from Arizona State University. She also completed a master's degree in Organizational Leadership. In her research, she combined her interests in Psychology and Leadership. Dr. Mona's interdisciplinary research has integrated the role of the subconscious mind in transforming college students into leaders. Her research has focused on uncovering the hidden psychological forces that can influence the success of college students to reach their full potential during their higher education journey and beyond. She is the author of the dissertation, The Shadow Archetype and its Impact on College Students' Self-efficacy (2022). Dr. Mona's research advocates the transformative approach in higher education to push the boundaries imposed by the current functional approach. She believes that a transformative education can greatly help college students to claim their agency and push their personal boundaries to reach their full potential.

Articles By Mona AlQadi, PhD

Students with low self-efficacy are more likely to give up when faced with difficult circumstances. The Impact of Low Scoring Archetypes on College Student Success
Oct 17, 2022 by Mona AlQadi, PhD

This month new author Mona AlQadi, PhD reports on her dissertation research using the PMAI® to gain a deeper understanding of the unconscious archetypal narratives at play in underperformance in college students. Her study yields several insights into the relationship between low-scoring archetypes and students’ attitudes, behaviors, and worries toward their academic goals.