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illustration of Icarus falling from the Sun When You Need a New Perspective
by Carol S. Pearson

Habitual attitudes often blind us to new possibilities and options. Life is most rewarding for me when I am growing and learning. I’ve found that the archetypes that are dominant for me and others are important for authenticity and for the primary lessons we are learning at any given time.


Living with an active Realist archetype in your life, you pride yourself on practicality, doing what works, and seeing what is likely. Egalitarian by nature, you like working with unpretentious, trustworthy people. To avoid disappointment, you do not engage in dreams or activities where you feel you don't have sufficient control of the outcome.


diverse millennials, and a senior woman executive. share a moment of understanding Types of Leaders, Types of Knowledge
Sep 15, 2021 by Merle Singer

Technology has become an increasingly significant source of knowledge for leaders in the twenty-first century, possibly creating a shift in the archetypal dynamics of leaders today. In this first article on "Leadership Narratives" a mixed methods research study, conducted between 2018-2020 by Merle Singer and Heather Round, explores how our volatile world is changing the leadership narratives for seasoned female professionals and early-career female and male millennials in corporate Australia and the United States.