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PMAI® Facilitator Interface

The PMAI® Facilitator Interface is a comprehensive tool that gives educators, counselors, consultants, coaches, therapists, marketers, and administrators the ability to manage the PMAI experience for their clients and students.

Gaining access to the Facilitators Interface requires approval, and that process begins with completing the Professional Requirements form.

This online tool is available for purchase by approved practitioners and is renewable on a yearly basis — the cost is $39 per year. The Interface provides facilitators with these capabilities:

  • Complete online access to the PMAI instrument
  • Tracking of group and individual administrations and results
  • Maintain inventory of available Core and Expanded Reports
  • Batch processing for inviting and reporting to clients or students
  • Control over the timing of scoring and reporting for each client
  • Downloadable PMAI reports
  • Essential materials for effective and ethical administration
  • A listing of recommended products and support materials
  • And much more. . .