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An active Magician archetype recognizes that what is real to a person is determined by what one believes. You sense the interconnectedness of events, people, and ideas. You notice serendipity, meaningful connections, and the ripple effects of small changes. You help create change by transforming perceptions in yourself and others.


diverse millennials, and a senior woman executive. share a moment of understanding Types of Leaders, Types of Knowledge
Sep 15, 2021 by Merle Singer

Technology has become an increasingly significant source of knowledge for leaders in the twenty-first century, possibly creating a shift in the archetypal dynamics of leaders today. In this first article on "Leadership Narratives" a mixed methods research study, conducted between 2018-2020 by Merle Singer and Heather Round, explores how our volatile world is changing the leadership narratives for seasoned female professionals and early-career female and male millennials in corporate Australia and the United States.


Understanding the PMAIĀ® archetypes can help improve family dynamics or settle conflicts, even while online gaming Archetypes and Family Dynamics
Sep 14, 2022 by Yvonne Nelson-Reid

In this month's article Yvonne Nelson-Reid highlights an area not often talked about; the impact of archetypes on family dynamics. In order to do this Yvonne uses the World of Warcraft gaming, as played between the three men in her family.