Discover the Archetypes Shaping Your Life

Getting Started with PMAI® Clients

The PMAI® (Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator® ) is the world's first scientifically validated archetype assessment tool, and it opens a window into the patterns of our unconscious stories and provides a path to self-understanding. Once we are aware of the archetypes that are active in our lives, we can decide how and when to use them, and which ones may need nurturing or further development.

Using the PMAI instrument with clients is done through the PMAI Facilitator Interface. This tool allows facilitators to manage the PMAI experience for their clients. Because the results of an individual's assessment are psychological, personal, and confidential, use of the assessment with clients through the Facilitator's Interface requires approval.

Who can benefit from the PMAI Assessment?

Educators, counselors, consultants, coaches, therapists, clergy, marketers, and administrators who want to integrate the use of archetypes into their practice can use the PMAI instrument to help their clients gain greater awareness of themselves and the archetypal stories that permeate our culture.

Prospective practitioners must be 21 years of age or older and have a four-year degree from an accredited college or university (if you studied outside the U.S. you will need an equivalent degree). Practitioner's education and/or professional training and experience should be in a field and of a type that prepares them to work with individuals in a personal, confidential, and psychological capacity. Prospective facilitators will submit a Professional Requirements form, and once that is approved, they will be able to purchase the subscription to the Facilitator Interface.

Professional Preparation

Professional preparation to use the PMAI assessment with clients involves at least a basic education of the theory underlying the assessment. If a professional wishes to use the PMAI instrument in training, education, or coaching, he or she should be thoroughly familiar with the theory, assessment, manual, and additional materials that support the development and theory of the instrument, most importantly Carol Pearson's books Awakening the Heroes Within (1991) and What Stories Are You Living: Discover Your Archetypes - Transform Your Life (2021). It is also helpful to be generally familiar with Carl Jung's theories of type and archetype. One of the best brief overviews of Jung's theory is The Jungian Experience: Analysis and Individuation by James Hall. The Portable Jung, an edited volume of Jung's selected writings, is helpful as well. It is expected that professionals using the PMAI with clients will have gained the credentials of their field and will possess any qualifications required by the state and/or their profession.